Ten unique routes

“Terras de Miranda – Tourism of Lugo” is a cultural, social and economic common space made up by 14 town councils that form the Rural Development Group (RDG) Terras de Miranda that is financed with European funds.

This is a magical territory located in the district of A Mariña (Lugo, Galicia), between the Cantabrian Sea and the mountain range of O Xistral. Here you can discover the beauty of the landscape and of our people through unique locally grown food that inspires a gastronomy with its own personality.

Self-guided routes

Milling Route

Baking tradition
Route 1. 2-3 days
Travel inland from the coast to visit old flour mills and see how the craftsmanship of bread, ‘empanadas’ (Galician pies) or the “enfariñada” still continue to delight the palate today.

Kitchen Garden Route

Delicacies from the land

Route 2. 2 days
What is the route that the best beans, apples and tomatoes follow before reaching the table? Learn how our kitchen garden is harvested and how sustainable production takes our products to professional kitchens all over Spain.

Seafood Route

Extract from the sea
Route 3. 5 days
Travel the A Mariña coast of Lugo going from port to port and savouring our most representative seafood and shellfish such as sea urchins, rock octopus or “chícaros” (cockles).

Saltwater Fish Route

Seafaring sources

Route 4. 2-3 days
Discover our main ports and auction centres facing the Cantabrian sea, to get to know the seafaring culture and trade. Without them there would be no fish with their own name like the line-caught hake of Celeiro or northern albacore from Burela.

Sweets Route

Exquisite desserts

Route 5. 4 days
This is a route for the sweet toothed! There is no shortage of stops to taste the famous cake of Mondoñedo, traditional after dinner desserts or almost lost recipes like the Colineta, picked up by the writer Cunqueiro.

Livestock Route

Passion for horses

Route 6. 3 days
If anything characterises the Terras de Miranda it is their farming spirit and, above all, the century-old horse fairs like those of As San Lucas, As Quendas or As Maulas, which you can still attend.

Forest Route

Nutritional treasures

Route 7. 5 days
Mountains, forests, and “fragas” have always been a source of food. Collect mushrooms, chestnuts or prepare honey next to the O Xistral mountain range and at the same time get know why it is so important to preserve these ecosystems.

Game and Fish Route

Natural reserve

Route 8. 4 days
Feel the expression ‘Galicia, the land of a thousand rivers’ first hand during idyllic fishing in spring or in autumn, go to one of the many hunting grounds of the Terras de Miranda.

Northern Way Route

Unesco heritage site

Route 9. 4 days
This is a historical pilgrimage route to Santiago. Both the variant of Ribadeo as well as that of Trabada will lead the way to explore the territory and our most typical gastronomy.

Cunqueiro Menu Route

Food that is culture

Route 10. 2 days
Taste a menu (starter, 2 dishes and dessert) inspired by the work of Álvaro Cunqueiro (20th century). Dishes that the great writer from Mondoñedo tasted a thousand times and recommended with passion.

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