What is the route the best beans, apples and tomatoes follow before reaching the table? Learn how our kitchen garden is harvested and how sustainable production takes our products to professional kitchens all over Spain.

Recommended season: Autumn
Time: 2 days
We take you through:

  • O Valadouro
  • Alfoz
  • Mondoñedo
  • Lourenzá
  • Ribadeo

Did you know that?…

The agricultural farms of the Terras de Miranda are more and more committed to a sustainable production that provides added value to their fruits and vegetables. Besides the ecological certification, they opt for providing fresh products daily. These is real km 0 food!


O Valadouro

During this stop, you will be able to visit several professional farms to learn first hand how to cultivate and harvest organic cider or table apples or even the famous tomatoes from the Terras de Miranda kitchen garden. This is the Km 0 food that restaurants throughout Spain demand and is sold in speciality shops.

The Traditional Spring Market is held in March, in Ferreira, its municipal capital, and that was recovered a few years ago. In addition to the typical sales and tasting of traditional products, there is a gastronomic day, talks on local agricultural production, craft shows, and music.


In Alfoz, the agricultural experience we offer is similar to that of the previous stop in O Valadouro, but focused on vegetables. You can also taste apple pies and different dishes made with products from the kitchen garden. If you want to spend the night here, stay in a small-holding with its own production for guests to consume.

The Festival of the 13 is held in Carballido in June. Recovered after some years, it is dedicated to the fruit that wakes up at the same time as summer: cherries.


We are sure that the owners of the horticultural farms you can visit in the Mondoñedo valley will pass on their passion for the land, the trade and the sustainable production of selling fresh products that they complement with the production of jams and preserves, ready-to-eat all year round with all their properties.

You can also try these freshly harvested km 0 foods in a local restaurant or stay in an establishment with its own kitchen garden so they can be self-sufficient.

Make a note in your July dairy, the Festival of the Salad and the famous Market of Carmiñas (25th), during which Mondoñedo fills its streets with traditional kitchen garden products.


The fertile lands of the Lourenzá valley are the source of its famous beans with Geographical Indication (GI). With the support of the local cooperative, producers will tell you what their daily work is like, and if you want to delve a little more, the benefits that the social economy provides them with. We encourage you to come during the harvest period (September) and stay for the Festival of the Bean during the first weekend of October, declared of Galician Tourist Interest, and during which you will be able to enjoy this tasty legume in the stalls installed around Conde Santo square or at local restaurants.

The Bean Interpretation Centre is open all year round and right next to the San Salvador monastery (historical-artistic monument since 1974). Look at the façade of the church because it was the pilot test of the master Casas Novoa before producing the one of the Obradoiro (Santiago Cathedral). Other essential places of the Lourenzá heritage are Tovar fort and the recreational area of O Pereiro mill, with a mill that can be visited.

If, instead of travelling on your own you prefer an organised tour, please contact the promoters of the Bean Route, which combine history, culture and gastronomy.


The Kitchen Garden Festival is organised in this Indiana town of the A Mariña coast of Lugo in September. We are sure that the good weather at the end of the summer will encourage you to stroll through the historic area of Ribadeo, declared a Site of Cultural Interest (BIC) in 2014, or even go to the famous beach of As Catedrais, a natural monument. It is about 15 minutes away by car and if you spend the night in the area and you like walking, the 10 km distance is undertaken in 2 hours (one way).

Finish off your experience in Terras de Miranda!